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Evander Holyfield Tells Ak & Barak Tyson Fight Likely Happens

There does come a time when legends stop looking in the mirror, and seeing someone that is decades younger than they are actually are, and that they could be an approximation of their best selves if they decided to lace on the gloves again. Evander Holyfield isn’t so much at that place, though. Holyfield is 58 years old, and his last prize fight took place in 2012. But he’d like to do it again, in a form, against an old (but a bit younger than him) rival.

After Mike Tyson met up with Roy Jones in that exhibition on Nov. 28, and then more so after it became clear that plenty of consumers still wanted to pay a fee to watch the man once known as Kid Dynamite, Holyfield started to desire a third fight with Mike that much more.

They met in November 1996, and Holyfield got the W (TKO-11) in that one. They rematched seven months later, and this time, Mike melted down, and got disqualified for chewing off a portion of Holyfield’s right ear. Evander is angling for a third faceoff, this time using not the Queensberry rules, but some form of the regulations that Tyson and Jones used at Staples Center.

Holyfield (44-10-2 fighting from 1984-2011) gave us an update on what’s what on the Ak and Barak SiriusXM radio show, which also screens on the DAZN platform.

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